Chiron in Love: The Astrology of Envy, Rage, Compassion and Wisdom

Chiron in Love: The Astrology of Envy, Rage, Compassion and WisdomLiz Greene

This book is based on seminars given by Liz Greene in 2005 and then online during the pandemic in 2020. The first was entitled ‘Chiron in Love’ because Chiron’s story is most clearly and poignantly enacted in our most personal exchanges with the people closest to us. It includes a background of mythic material about Chiron that can help to shed light on the interaction between Chiron in one horoscope and the planets and angles in another. In 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic, Liz gave three further online seminars to explore the relationship between Chiron and the global outpouring of helplessness, fear, rage, polarisation, and apparently obsessive determination to find scapegoats that has emerged as a result of the pandemic and its psychological consequences. Sections of these more recent seminars have been amalgamated with the original seminar, resulting in a broad spectrum of themes all related to the central core of Chiron’s myth and meaning.

Ways of permanently healing Chiron’s wound and saving the world are not included. Instead, the emphasis is on the individual and the necessity of working as honestly and insightfully as possible with the feelings of envy, rage, bitterness, and potential wisdom and compassion reflected by Chiron’s complex story. Astrology students of all levels will find Liz Greene’s insights invaluable in working with this paradoxical and challenging astrological symbol.

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