Study at MISPA

The CPA no longer runs Intermediate or Diploma Courses. Instead we recommend the Diploma Course from Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA) run by John Green. Students who have completed the CPA’s Foundation Course or similar are eligible to join the Diploma at MISPA.


Take a look at the MISPA Diploma Course here


Here’s Liz Greene introducing the course and school in 2015:

The Centre for Psychological Astrology, and I personally, am delighted to be able to offer our support for and participation in John Green’s new Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology. Several years ago, the CPA decided to close down its own three-year Diploma course, because we felt that our tutors and students might be interested in a more fluid and eclectic method of study that allowed them to immerse themselves in any subject of interest under the general umbrella of psychological astrology without being bound to evaluations and deadlines. This approach has worked out very well, and our ongoing seminars, both at actual venues and on line, have continued to provide a loose and inspiring framework for both beginners and experienced astrologers. As many people feel they benefit from such an approach, we will continue with this type of teaching into the future, along with the continuing publication of our seminars, both in book form and, increasingly, as e-books available online.

However, there are also many students who want a more formal method of learning, and who feel they benefit from evaluations, presentations, and other ways of demonstrating the growing level of their knowledge. It is for this reason that we wholeheartedly support this new venture. Although there are many astrology schools, it seems that many do not touch the deeper psychological dimensions of astrology, and if they do, it is not always within the kind of formal learning framework that results in the conferring of a diploma. MISPA will provide just this kind of combination: in-depth explorations of astrology in relation to the human psyche, along with a carefully designed and beautifully organized programme of study that confers formal recognition on the student’s successful participation. John Green has been an established and deeply appreciated tutor for the CPA for many years, through both online classes and live seminars, and he will continue to offer his own excellent and innovative work under our umbrella as well as his own. Many CPA tutors, including myself, will be offering classes and seminars at various times within the framework of MISPA, as well as under the looser umbrella of the CPA itself. MISPA offers a post-graduate level of psychological astrology, and many of the seminar volumes published by the CPA will be used as part of the course, along with other books by other authors.  There will thus be made available both a formal diploma course, and independent seminars offered by both the CPA and MISPA. I look forward to the innovations and new creative ideas that will emerge from this cooperative venture, rooted in the new technology of online teaching and therefore accessible to students anywhere in the world.

Liz Greene – 2015