Liz Greene

Liz Greene founded the CPA with Howard Sasportas in 1983, and continues to be its Director. In 1996 she created the CPA Press, which publishes selected seminars offered by various tutors as part of the CPA seminar programme. She holds a doctorate in psychology and is a qualified Jungian analyst. She also holds a diploma in counselling from the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London and the diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, of which she is a lifetime Patron.

She is the author of many books on astrological, psychological and mythological themes, which have been translated into a number of languages including Saturn: A New Look at an Old DevilRelatingAstrology for LoversThe Astrology of FateThe Mythic Tarot (with Juliet Sharman-Burke), and The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption.

The CPA Press has published Barriers and Boundaries: The Horoscope and the Defences of the PersonalityThe Art of Stealing Fire: Uranus in the HoroscopeThe Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest (with Juliet Sharman-Burke), The Horoscope in Manifestation: Prediction and Psychological DynamicsRelationships and How to Survive ThemApollo’s Chariot: The Astrological Sun and The Mars Quartet: Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red Planet (with Lynn Bell, Darby Costello and Melanie Reinhart).

In 1985 Liz began collaborating with a Swiss physicist, Dr Alois Treindl, and created the first of several computer-generated astrological interpretation programmes based on artificial intelligence programming. They are unique in the field of computer-generated horoscope interpretations because of their capacity to synthesise the birth chart, made possible by the “expert system” techniques of artificial intelligence. There are now six of these programmes on the market, Psychological Horoscope AnalysisChild Horoscope AnalysisRelationship Analysis,The Meaning of the Time: Yearly Horoscope AnalysisThe Longer View: 6-year Horoscope Analysis and Vocational Analysis.

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