Since the Centre’s inception, many people, including astrology students living abroad as well as those attending CPA seminars, have repeatedly requested transcriptions of the seminars. In the autumn of 1995, Liz Greene, Charles Harvey and Juliet Sharman-Burke decided to launch the Centre for Psychological Astrology Press, in order to make available to the astrological community material which would otherwise be limited solely to seminar participants, and might never be included by the individual tutors in their own future written works. Because of the structure of the Centre’s programme, many seminars are ‘one-off’ presentations which are not likely to be repeated, and much careful research and important astrological investigation would otherwise be lost.

The volumes in the CPA Seminar Series are meant for serious astrological students who wish to develop a greater knowledge of the links between astrology and psychology, in order to understand both the horoscope and the human being at a deeper and more insightful level.

Note: We do not sell the books directly from this site, they are available in good bookshops you can order them online through Wessex Astrologer by using the link to the right, or on Amazon.