The Astrological Sun - The Radiant Self

Shawn Nygaard

Saturday 20th June (rescheduled date) - 15.30-18.00 BST

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Shawn Nygaard

The Astrological Sun - The Radiant Self

Human life on earth relies on the sun, the centre of our solar system. This reliance is so strong that in astrology the sun represents life itself, a person's vitality and creative force, the alive self. The Sun as a symbol and an image proliferates the world of art, which isn't surprising considering that Apollo, the god of the sun, presides over the Muses, those behind-the-scenes goddesses who inspire the arts and sciences. The sun reliably returns to the sky every day, yet all days are not sunshine and roses. Sometimes it's difficult for the Sun of our self to shine.

What constitutes the astrological Sun? This webinar explores the Sun mythology of different cultures and their respective symbolism pertaining to this brightest of radiant lights. We will also explore how the other planets in astrology interact when in conjunction with the Sun, as well as essential dignities related to the Sun's position by sign.

Shawn Nygaard is an archetypal astrologer from Minneapolis, MN, where he does readings and teaches classes and webinars. He spent a year working for an astrology hot-line while also hosting the internet radio show Imagine That! about archetypal astrology. Shawn's writing has been published in The Mountain Astrologer. He is finishing his B.A. in English, focusing on British Literature and the Romantic poets. He has spoken at the Minnesota Jung Association, and is a graduate of the CMED Institute, where he studied archetypes with Caroline Myss.

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