Mommie Dearest - Mother issues and the Moon in the chart

Martin Moritz

Sunday 27th March 2022 - 15.30-18.00 BST

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Martin Moritz

The Moon and mother issues

As a psychotherapist I often experience my client’s need to receive emotional nourishment from me. Not only do I find myself in the role of a father figure who encourages and provides stability. I also give motherly reassurance by uncovering and sharing their feelings with them.  While the sun stands for father issues, the other luminary, the moon, more unstable and yet so very essential for our emotional well-being, is associated with the mother figure. In this lecture I will elaborate on the significance of the moon placement in the chart and how it relates with our very individual need to receive and give maternal nourishment. It is normally through the mother that we experience a first feeling of symbiotic belonging and being cared for. The moon placement by sign can often tell the astrologer what kind of mother figure we long for. Moon in Taurus would indicate the need for a tactile relationship with emphasis on reassuring familiar patterns. Moon in Leo might come with a deep yearning for reassurance and pride. The house in which the Moon is placed, combined with the house of its rulership, tells us what areas in our lives are particularly influenced by our need to be loved and accepted and thus - like the moon itself which is waxing and waning - prone to mood swings

The aspects of the moon can give the most detailed information about our ability to implement our mother/ soul nourishment issues into our personality. Do we find this easy? Or do we constantly struggle? The greatest achievement of psychological astrology is to shed light on our deeper inner needs and frustrations and find solutions for how we can deal with these issues. When clients undergo psychotherapy and students of astrology confront themselves with their biography in order to make light of their chart, it is the Moon which is the key point to understand what makes us tick on an emotional level. To link ones experience with a mother figure in our childhood to our own ability as adults to care for ourselves and others can be a precious tool to find happiness in our everyday lives. 

Martin Sebastian Moritz lives in Hamburg and Berlin. He started out as actor and dancer, before his life took a turn and he decided to study psychology and astrology. With ten years of teaching Psychodrama under his belt, he now specializes in couple therapy, often helped with astrological readings. He teaches Psychological Astrology and also specializes in Karmic astrology, gender issues and biography work. He has lived for many years in London, his home away from home. He lectures all over Germany and Austria and gave talks at NORWAC, the AA conference and the Astrological Lodge. He writes for German and Swiss astrology magazines, as well as for the Astrological Journal. The English version of his book on the 8th house will be published this year in the UK. Website:

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